Essay about The Holy Of Free Will

Essay about The Holy Of Free Will

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Fate is something that looms over the existence of free will. Most people believe that free will is a blessing bestowed upon all mankind, but fail to mention that divine intervention can wreak havoc at any given moment. In both the Quran and Torah, God is that divine intervention who has such a dominating feature about him. While dominance is not far off from God’s righteousness, all paths eventually lead to redemption. A theme all too familiar in these early literature works which frequently provide examples of God’s dominance. It is apparent in both Holy texts that God is an unavoidable force that makes mankind succumb to his will and is clearly dominant to all those on Earth.
The Hebrew Bible, the Torah, takes place in Mesopotamia, which we today refer to as the Middle East, in the time frame between 1000 – 300 BCE. Though an author isn’t clear for the Hebrew Bible, “modern Bible scholars agree that these books. . . have been woven together from several different earlier sources (Puchner, pg 151).” Though the Hebrew Bible was the sacred text of Judaism, it gave rise to two other major religions: Christianity and Islam. The Qur’an, which is touted as the “last of a sequence of revealed holy books” (Puchner, pg. 71), is received by Muhammad from God over a span of time that begins when he is 40 and finished with his death in 632 of the Common Era. The Qur’an inspired a new religious path, known as Muslim, and is includes stories similar to those found in the Torah, Psalms, and the Gospels. The Qur’anic text is stronger when it is recited, as it was in those days in seventh-century Arabia, because the Qur’an is said to be a “divine speech” which “no translation into any other language is though of as actually being the holy book i...

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... dominant figure of mankind. “This is my way: based on clear evidence, I, and all who follow me, call [people] to God – glory he to God! – I do not join others with Him” shows that all those who believe in other God, other than himself, will be dismissed as liars in the “Last Hour” and surely receive “punishment” for their ignorance in following him.
Overall, the stories found within the Torah and the Quran have a reoccurring theme of God’s dominance. He is an almighty power that mankind could not reckon with. From the beginning of time to the Ten commandments, God made his dominance apparent and unavoidable. Though both Holy books have different authors, either known or unknown, they have similarities in their stories, but consistent in both is God’s dominance. Whether it is to benefit those who believe, or smite those who disbelieve; it is there for all to decide.

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