The Holy Church And The Church Essay

The Holy Church And The Church Essay

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More often than not, people hear the phrase "The Holy Catholic Church" they immediately think of Roman Catholicism. However, the word Catholic actually refers to universality and in this context, the Church is universal and relevant to everyone. "All Christian Churches are based and founded on the one and only foundation of Jesus Christ himself. There is no other foundation on which they can stand. (McGrath 92)" In this line, the communion of saints refers to fellowship. The church (biblically) has never really referred to a physical place; but a body, a group of believers, we are the church. Within this church fellowship is very important. "The physical presence of other Christians is a source of incomparable joy and strength to the believer. (Bonhoeffer, Life Together 19)" Humans are made to exist in communion, we are biologically engineered to have relationships with one another, and it was God who made us this way. There is no denying that we are better together, than on our own. Forgiveness is an important quality for successful co-existence. In fact, it strengthens communities;...

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