The Holocaust Was Responsible For The Death Of 6 Million Members Of The Jewish Faith

The Holocaust Was Responsible For The Death Of 6 Million Members Of The Jewish Faith

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The Holocaust was responsible for the death of 6 million members of the Jewish faith. The Jewish population in the world stands at approximately 14,212,800 million people. It is said that if the Holocaust never happened, the Jewish population would stand at somewhere around 32 million. Despite the Jewish heritage being left with a permanent scar, many have continued living their life normally, and continue praying to the God that many resented during the times under the brutal reign of Adolf Hitler. Even though most have recovered, some continue to deal with the pain, resentment, and still blame God for their barbaric treatment . One prime example would be the famous Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel. Elie has fallen victim to the loss of his devout faith to Judaism. In Elie Wiesels’ book Night, Elie’s faith changes drastically from the beginning of the story to the end because of the events in the holocaust.
Before Elie lived through the Holocaust, he is intrigued by Judaism and wanted to learn more about his faith. Elie was told by his father that he was too young to be learning and studying his religion. Elie ignored his fathers’ request to not focus on studying religion, and continued to delve into the study of Judaism. He stated, “ By day I studied Talmud and by night I would run to the synagogue to weep over the destruction of the temple.” (Wiesel 3). Elie recalls how he studied Judaism during the day, and traveled to the Synagogue during the night, only to

cry over the absolute demolition of the Synagogue. Elie’s extreme amount of dedication is proved by how he ignored his father’s request to not study his religion at a young age and became a devoted follower of Judaism.
Elie continues to learn more about his through Moi...

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...that does not phase him much, he finally sees the faith he continued to have be eliminated once he arrives at the concentration camp. Elies experience in the Holocaust is an experience like no other. Luckily, most people will never experience a mass killing based on the religion they follow. But, it only takes one experience for someone to feel upset, or angry with something or someone. Like a girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on you. Of course, some people will recover and be able to get back out in the world and live normally, But others may begin to falter, and begin to question themselves on what they did wrong, or what they did to deserve that. Their experience changed from the beginning of their love, to the end. In Elie Wiesels book Night, Elies’ faith changes drastically from the beginning of the story to the end because of the horrific events of the holocaust.

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