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Holocaust : Victims Of The Holocaust Essay

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Holocaust Denial
The Holocaust is one of the worst events that has occurred in history where over 6 million jewish people were brutally murdered. There are many facts and first hand accounts of what took place during those times. Many diaries were kept and pictures taken that capture the horrific events that took place. There are others accounts though that claim the Holocaust never happened and that no one died.
There are people that call themselves deniers. These individuals claim to see no evidence that the Holocaust took place. The deniers feel many of the details of the Holocaust have been altered to make it look like it existed. These people say that pictures have been altered and that the Holocaust was created to make a large payout for the Jewish people so they had money after the war. They deny the Nuremberg trials by saying all of the information was made up (Holocaust Background).
The holocaust happened. The best way to prove it is by the first hand accounts. Many people perished because of the Holocaust but there were also many survivors as well. These survivors faced many hardships such as the extreme work conditions at the concentration camps. If the survivors were not working, they were suffering even more. They were treated as slaves and were not the same after they were set free. The Jews went home after months of starvation and torture. There are families that have personal pictures of those who were at the camps. They were not altered to create a diversion or for money purposes. These people truly suffered and there is solid proof (Holocaust Denial).
The deniers say that concentration camps were simply just relocation camps. These camps were more than relocation camps. People died at these camps ...

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...to fight in the war. These resources could have easily been used to create large gas chambers and cremations chambers to kill Jews at concentration camps. Clearly many people perished at the concentration camps because of the video and picture evidence that was recorded. It was nearly impossible to tamper with these videos either because there was no such thing as photoshop. People could only insert or take out segments of videos (Holocaust Education).
The deniers of the Holocaust do not look at the whole situation. These individuals only want to raise suspicion and cause an uproar of what took place. Many first hand accounts prove that the Holocaust took place and have supporting evidence to back it up. Deniers are revisionists who want to change what happened during World War II, and will do anything to make the Jewish people look like they made all of this up.

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