Holocaust: The Unforgettable Essay

Holocaust: The Unforgettable Essay

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The history of the Holocaust is taught systematically in all school systems throughout America and most of the known-world. The atrocities committed by Nazi-Germany are well-known and are likely to never be forgotten. The proof behind Hitler’s Final Solution is undeniable. However, with the rise of Holocaust deniers comes the grave danger of forgetting the truth behind the Holocaust, and dooming ourselves to repeating history once again. Holocaust deniers claim that certain events of the Holocaust never happened or are fabricated; however, there are numerous types of evidence that provide concrete proof that it did indeed occur.
Possibly the most asinine of all the claims made by the deniers is that any photographic evidence of the Holocaust was fabricated after the war and were produced to gain sympathy for the Jewish and to debilitate the Germans. Taylor Downing, a famous historian, states in his article that in an aerial photograph taken by a Mosquito aircraft on August 23, 1944, “four large gas chambers and crematoria that were built to exterminate as many as 12,000 prisoners a day can clearly be seen” . It would be nearly impossible to set up a concentration camp years after the war ended and in exact detail of the actual camp without the government or media knowing what was going on. It’s ridiculous for anyone to say that any photograph taken of the holocaust is a fake. The time and money it would take to set up just one photo would be extensive beyond belief; dead bodies would have to be composed, live bodies would have to be starved, and a look of true desperation and fear that no actor could ever hope to accomplish would have to be achieved, which would be nearly impossible. If the photographs taken of the Holocaust a...

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...he atrocities associated with it. All of this evidence points to only one conceivable conclusion: The events of the Holocaust did happen, and there is unequivocally no amount of assumed evidence or illogical claim that could try to prove that otherwise.

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