The Holocaust : The Auschwitz Escape By Joel C. Rosenberg Essays

The Holocaust : The Auschwitz Escape By Joel C. Rosenberg Essays

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The Holocaust existed as an actual living nightmare for the prisoners, as they suffered through a period of endless tragedies.With the Nazi regime gradually advancing in power in the 1930s, the lives of the Jewish population were submerging into danger. Due to the belief of “racial superiority” the Nazis had, they developed the Holocaust to exterminate those who were viewed as social threats. Prisoners were abused physically and psychologically, as the sight of dead corpses became a mundane picture. As the conditions were gradually getting worse, people could no longer see a light of escape. This can best be exhibited in three pieces of literature. In Night by Elie Wiesel, the author writes the book from his personal experiences being trapped in the Auschwitz concentration camp, and describes his own devastation which he experienced. In The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg, the main protagonist Jacob enters a personal battle against faith and hope, as he merely tries to survive in his journey of the Holocaust. In This Way For Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen by Tadeusz Borowski, the main character simply acknowledges the fact that hope cannot be restored, and the story describes his daily routines of working as a laborer in the concentration camp. Due to the traumatizing conditions, individuals could no longer perceive a positive outlook. Prisoners were overcasted with constant anxiety, and entered a daily battle to protect their own lives. During the Holocaust, perpetual fear made it impossible for people to retain their sense of humanity.
Individuals could not retain their sense of humanity, as they were forced to live like animals during their journeys to the concentration camps. The individuals would be forced into transportatio...

... middle of paper ... only made it harder for them to believe in humanity, as an individual referenced, “Who cared today if the skies opened to receive our prayers? Our nostrils were not filled with spices but with the smoke of burning bodies. It was a very hard day, as if, God too, wanted to break us” (Lassley). With the death tolls rising each day, people lost hope very easily, as they believed that God had given up on humanity. The people believed if God could not rescue the world and restore peace, then no one could.
The perpetual fear of being barred from practicing faith led to the complete loss of humanity, as individuals also struggled with a loss of self. When people practice faith by either worshipping songs or praying, they perceive a better portrayal of themselves. With faith and religion, people were dependent on God to show them the right path or to give them some sort of

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