Holocaust Rejection: Did It Really Happen? Essay

Holocaust Rejection: Did It Really Happen? Essay

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On April 11, 1932, "HITLER LOSES TO HINDENBURG BY 6,000,000" and "84 Year Old President to Sit for Another Seven Years" was the headline of the Albany Evening news (qtd.in “Adolf Hitler loses”) Less than one year later, on January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party in Germany, was appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg. Hitler was not considered a big threat by the president. He was actually thought to be an advantage to the government of Germany. The aristocratic ruling class wanted to get rid of the republic and return to Germany’s once glorious days, the days of Kaiser. Hindenburg and Hitler’s vice-chancellor, Franz von Papen, thought that Hitler would be the perfect fit to wreck the republic. Many companies and organizations had their opinions of Hitler and how he was going to run his office. The military of Germany even had its bets. They all had one common mistake - They underestimated Adolf Hitler.
During the next four years Hitler enjoyed an array success. In 1935, he abandoned the Treaty of Versailles (signed at the end of War World I). He began building up the army five times larger than was allowed and Nazism expanded. A major tool of the Nazis propaganda assault was the weekly Nazi newspaper. At the bottom of the newspaper it said “The Jews are our misfortune” (The Holocaust:
An Introductory History). The Nazis moved swiftly to consolidate their power into a dictatorship. By the end of 1934, Hitler was in total control of Germany and his campaign against the Jews was more in effect than ever.
In 1939 Germany invaded Poland, beginning World War II. Soon after Nazis began moving Jews into crowded “ghettos” which isolated them from society. Eventually Jews from Poland and German...

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... during the Holocaust are offended and disturbed when what they were put through is challenged by people who are just going on their intuition. Those who argue against the Holocaust have very little proof to support their accusations. The accusations are not reinterpretation of acknowledged facts but denial of known facts.

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