The Holocaust: Myths and Facts Essay

The Holocaust: Myths and Facts Essay

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There is no single definition of ‘Holocaust denial’ or the individuals who preach it. However, scholars may define it as simply the claiming that the Nazis had no plan to exterminate Jews, that the numerous accusations of mass killings via gas chambers are false, or that the figure of 6 million murdered Jews is an irresponsible exaggeration.1 Additionally, many Holocaust deniers believe the Holocaust to be a means of deceit, created by the Soviet communists, the Allies, and the Jews in order to contain the dire truths of their own misdemeanours. In particular, three historians, Nicholas Kollerstrom, Robert Faurisson, and David Irving, emphasize revisionist views on the delicate subject of the Holocaust and why they consider it a myth.
English writer and historian Nicholas Kollerstrom was an Honorary Research Fellow in the Science and Technology Studies program at University College, London, when he lost his partisanship in 2008 after posting an article entitled The Auschwitz ‘Gas Chamber’ Illusion on a website known for its Holocaust denial,2 and stating that there are no documents that the gas chambers ever existed. Kollerstrom respected Fred Leuchter’s, an expert in execution technology, assessment that the Aschwitz gas chambers could not have functioned ‘in the alleged manner’3, as levels of cyanide were found only in the walls of the de-lousing chambers where Zyklon-B had been used as an insecticide. The article continues to defend the revisionist view by informing his readers about testimonies of camp experiences bringing nothing of the gas chambers to light.
However, this leaves one with the impending question of the mortality of an estimated three million Jews that were said to have been killed in concentratio...

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