The Holocaust: Denial of Life is Wrong Essay

The Holocaust: Denial of Life is Wrong Essay

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Denial of Life is Wrong

What if people said your life never happened? People who lived through the Holocaust have to live with Holocaust deniers saying their life never happened. Holocaust survivors find this hurtful. If someone said your life never happened you would be just as mad as the Holocaust survivors. This is why Holocaust deniers are wrong because there were concentration camps, people lived through it, and there are artifacts from the Holocaust.
After the Holocaust there were leftover concentration camps. Some people go to concentration camps such as Dachau and Auschwitz. How can Holocaust deniers say that the Holocaust never happened when people like Marshal Breger visited a camp from the Holocaust?
“Marshal Breger, a catholic university law professor and leader of the expedition, explained that the impetus behind the effort is to address head on, the denial of the Holocaust that is part of growing anti-semitism in muslim communities. His goal, one which we share, is to educate those who might not have the kind of knowledge we have about the Holocaust; to promote understanding; and even change.” (online). “Walking down the train tracks from the Judenrampe to the ruins of the gas chambers and crematoria, many remarked that they were not observing the sites as Muslims Jews, or religious leaders, but as parents who could relate the horror of being separated from their children.” (“visit”). Marshal Breger wants to teach Holocaust Deniers about the Holocaust so they can know what really happened and have an understanding about the Holocaust and not say that it never happened.
People lived through the Holocaust. Some people like Eva Kor lived through the Holocaust. If people lived through the Holocaust there woul...

... middle of paper ... it never happened. I am clearly not a Holocaust survivor but the Holocaust did happen because there is so much stuff and artifacts that are around that it would be hard to believe that the Holocaust never happened. Holocaust deniers just do not take the time to listen or visit camps and do not have an open mind about it so they are not willing to learn about it. Holocaust deniers are wrong because there is too much evidence, there are Holocaust survivors, and leftover concentration camps.

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