Essay about The Holocaust, By Primo Levi

Essay about The Holocaust, By Primo Levi

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The Holocaust was one of the most atrocious genocides we have seen in human history, an atrocity where the Jewish people were persecuted through intense torture, murder, and unspeakable injustices. Through the holocaust, many writers were able to express their experience as survivors so that people would never forget this tragic event. Personally, there are three stories that helped me transport myself into the moment and understand the pain, suffering, and fears of the survivor. The three different authors mentioned in this paper will demonstrate vivid imagery, metaphors, and allusions that express their own personal experiences.
Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi was written through his own point of view since he was a prisoner in Auschwitz at the time, Levi gets very personal on what was it like to be a Jew in Auschwitz. He depicts his life as a prisoner where he would face many injustices, suffer from hunger and see many people tortured or die unjustly. From the beginning of the story Levi’s individual experiences in Auschwitz make it accessible for the reader to put himself in the shoes of the prisoners who are struggling to stay alive while others are at home enjoying a nice hot meal at night under a warm roof over their heads.
The tone that Levi writes this story is frustration because it seems as if he needs tells someone the injustices he faces. What is interesting is that he is very realistic with the reader in this story because not once he didn’t once hold back to decide which story or what experience he was going to share with the reader he specifically made his stories graphic so that the reader was able to feel the pain that he felt in Auschwitz and we can see that in the following quote “ The thought of the r...

... middle of paper ... that they are putting barbed wired around for a “music festival”. He wants the reader to be able to see what was going on during this time as well as to be able to understand why was it that the Jewish people were in such denial, and this line by Dr. Pappenheim really shows it at the end of the story when he says “Oh we are just going for a quick trip”. This quote really emphasizes how in denial they were that they didn’t even want to admit that the quick trip they would be heading to was going to be a life-changing trip in their lives.
Overall we have seen various tones, literature about this atrocious genocide called the Holocaust. But one thing that all of these authors did was to share their experiences with the world so that the memory of the people who perish may never be forgotten as well as may we never let some catastrophic event happens ever again.

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