The Holocaust as One of The Most Heinous Crimes Commited in Human History

The Holocaust as One of The Most Heinous Crimes Commited in Human History

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The mere mention of the Holocaust could already arouse eerily suspicious reactions from those who know about it. The idea of systematically slaughtering the Jewish people because of unfounded accusations against their racial inferiority has heaped condemnation against the Holocaust as perhaps one of the most heinous crimes ever committed in human history. Historians would even go as far as asserting that the Holocaust is the most terrible act ever committed against humans, its impact being unparalleled by any other recorded event in human history. While one could assert the foregoing statement as a subject of an intense debate, one could only think of its impact alone as simply devastating. After all, what could be more devastating than a nearly successful ploy to exterminate a specific group of people only for political ends operationalized by groundless propaganda? While it may be unthinkable that the Holocaust may happen again in contemporary times – historians claim that the rest of the world has already learned lessons from it, its alleged status as the worst of its kind in history still stands as a matter of great contest deriving from relative points of view. True, the Holocaust is nothing short of horrible, but differing opinions may provide varying perspectives against its popular status as the worst-ever. Two possible opinions may provide alternative viewpoints contrary to the popular assertion historians have on the Holocaust: its contextual limitation within contemporary history and the absence of formidable records detailing other possible worse incidents in other points in history (Fulbrook 187-204).
The Holocaust as the Worst in Contemporary Times
Despite contentions against the popular assertion that the Holocau...

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...the Holocaust as a severely violent point in contemporary times, the replicability of which remains unimaginable to this day. However, the lack of reliable modes of historical documentation for portions of human history apart from the contemporary times puts forth the possibility that something worse than the Holocaust could have happened already. At best, one must take the claim of several historians that the Holocaust is the worst crime in human history as a relative position, given worse tragedies undocumented in human history may have happened already.

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