The Holocaust And The Impact On The Jewish Community Essays

The Holocaust And The Impact On The Jewish Community Essays

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The social change that I chose to write about is the Holocaust and the impact that it had on the Jewish community. The word “Holocaust” comes from two Greek words “Holos”, meaning whole, and “Kaustos”, meaning burned. Whole burned (REF 3). During World War II, Adolf Hitler became the leader of the Nazi Party and the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. He grew up in Vienna where the mayor had strong Anti Semitic views which made an impact on him causing him to developed a hatred for the Jewish people at a young age (REF 5). After World War I when he was chancellor, he started the idea that the Jews caused Germany to lose the first world war, and that they were the cause of the economic crisis following the war. Of course none of that was true (REF 5). Many people believed him because he was a leader and had a powerful influence on his country. From this point on Hitler created propaganda against the Jews, he isolated them from society, and confined them to ghettos (REF 4). He wanted to eliminate them in the most painful ways. He created concentration camps which were unnecessary torture. There he worked and starved them to death, he did heinous experiments on them, shot them, and gassed them. He was senseless and cruel for no good reason. Some Jews were able to escape to other countries, others went into hiding.This genocide occurred from 1933-1945 in Germany, Poland and other parts of eastern Europe. It took the lives of over 6 million jews. In the end, the jews suffered and will have continued to suffer for generations to come. In this essay, I will be explaining the problems that the Jews had, which social forces created the problem, and how the holocaust has impacted the jewish community today and the issues they are still facing ...

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...m. Before this event occurred, the star was recognized and respected. As Hitler was carrying out his execution, he demanded that all Jews must wear a yellow Jewish star in order for them to be easily identified. This “labeling” has created shame onto the jews. They feel as if they cannot practice their religion freely without being judged or criticized. Another example of current a current challenge is that the Jews are still hated by some countries in Europe. The people living in those countries may only see the one side to this event possibly due to being raised in that way or even by still agreeing with Hitler and seeing him as a role model. The Jews did nothing to deserve this and it’s unbelievable to think that after all these years have gone by with the event being taught in schools, people still don’t know the truth. The last challenge example is the fact that

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