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The Holocaust and Nazi Germany Essays

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The Holocaust is most well-known for the organized and inhumane extermination of more than six million Jews. The death total of the Jews is this most staggering; however, other groups such as Gypsies, Poles, Russians, political groups, Jehovah’s witnesses, and homosexuals were targeted as well (Holocaust Encyclopedia: Introduction to the Holocaust). The initial idea of persecuting select groups of people began with Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. In January 1930, Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany after winning over its people with powerful and moving speeches. From this point forward, it was a goal for both Hitler and his Nazi Party to rid the world of deemed “inferior” groups of people (Holocaust Encyclopedia: Timeline of Events).
Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany in 1930, after running a strong political campaign during a devastating time in German history. Germany was suffering from a disastrous economic depression resulting from World War One, and Hitler used this to his advantage by using his political skills and rising popularity to gain favor. After Hitler became Chancellor, he developed his Nazi party into a massive and powerful unit. One of Hitler’s strongest points as a leader was his military genius, and this military focus led to the start of World War Two when Hitler decided to invade Poland (Meier). The start of another World War paired with the rising power and ideals of Hitler, Germany, and the Nazis, led to the set-up of numerous concentration camps and the mass extermination millions of people (Holocaust Encyclopedia: Introduction to the Holocaust).
Initially, the Nazis persecuted political groups such as Social Democrats and Communists. When the first concentration camps were set up...

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...orced to march to other camps deeper in German territory. Despite the Nazis’ vain attempts to hide the evidence, the liberating soldiers knew what had been occurring in the camps. Crematories, gas chambers, and disease filled barracks and warehouses were all signs that pointed towards the true purpose of these camps. In some camps, bodies were left unburied and piled in mounds on top of each other. If prisoners were found alive inside the camps, they were in critical conditions and many did not survive because of the toll concentration camp life had taken on their bodies. Until the Allied forces liberated the Nazi concentration camps, the outside world was completely unaware of the happenings. In our modern day however, we recognize the Holocaust as one of the most notorious and horrible genocides of all time (Holocaust Encyclopedia: Liberation of Nazi Camps).

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