Essay about The Holocaust : A Terrible Place For The Prisoners

Essay about The Holocaust : A Terrible Place For The Prisoners

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The Holocaust is one of the biggest genocides in history. Many Europeans, mainly Jews, lost their lives in the death camps, or as they called them concentration camps. It became a death factory as soon as the crematoriums and factories were created. One of the largest concentration camps was Auschwitz, with more than 40 square kilometers of area, held about 1.3 million of prisoners of which is estimated that 1.1 million died ("Auschwitz-Birkenau/History of a Man-made Hell" 1). People from the different countries of Europe were deported to Auschwitz, were they either died in the gas chambers or were used as slaves for forced labor. Regardless of the reasons of imprisonment, Auschwitz was a terrible place for the prisoners because of the conditions in which they lived, the forced labor, and medical experiments they were submitted to.
Auschwitz, the largest death camp, opened its gates in 1940. Germany took over some territory in Poland and decided to establish the concentration camp of Auschwitz in the suburbs of Oswiecim. This was a strategic area to place the concentration camp; it was retired from populated areas and there were train railroads nearby. It was originally created to serve as a concentration camp for the Polish political prisoners and other Poles, but slowly turned into a main center of death to those the Nazis considered inferior races. The camp was constituted by three parts: Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II, and Auschwitz III. The main camp was Auschwitz I which started with 20 building and kept growing as time went by. Later, on 1942, Auschwitz II, also known as Birkenau, was built about 2 miles away from the main camp. It was the biggest camp of all, accommodating over 200,000 prisoners. Lastly, Auschwitz III, also k...

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... ("Experiments" 1). Just as him there were other doctors interested in different medical subjects which used the prisoners to test their medical experiments.
The concentration camp of Auschwitz was a representation of hell on Earth. There was no human right left for the prisoners inside this place. They were separated from their families and took into the camp, some either went directly to the gas chambers and died, others were used as slaves with the false hope of having to work for their freedom. The living conditions were awful and unsanitary for the prisoners living inside this place. The medical experiments were traumatizing and a way of suffering for the prisoners. There was nothing good about this place, but the day of liberation for the prisoners. What happened in Auschwitz is not something to be forgotten, but remembered so that it does not happen again.

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