The Holocaust : A Survivor Of The Jewish Community Essay

The Holocaust : A Survivor Of The Jewish Community Essay

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The holocaust was a time the Jewish community faced a very troubling era. In the book "Night", a man named Elie Wiesel, was the author and a survivor of this tragic incident. He explained throughout the book about his life as a child going through the holocaust. Although he survived that terrible time, he lost the ones closest to him such as his family. The Nazis took away the humanity of the inmates in the concentration camps, how the inmates maintain their humanity, and how the inmates used religion as a metaphor for humanity. Even though Elie survived what he went through he would never be the same.
The National Socialist German Worker Party known as the Nazis was run by Adolf Hitler. This grew into a mass movement controlled by Germany through a totalitarian means in the nineteen hundreds. Under the control of Adolf Hitler the Nazis begin to run Jews into ghetto away from their homes and separated from their families. They had to leave their prized possessions behind as they moved a step closer to one of the largest concentration camps in Germany called Auschwitz. In the book Wiesel explains why they were put into ghetto homes. The Nazis were ordered to round up all the Jews as they forced them to be quarantined into an area. They then moved the Jews into other people 's homes who were exiled before their arrival, as they waited to be sent off to the concentration camp. The time then came that the Jews would be transported to concentration camps where things became more miserable than they would ever face in their lives. When they arrived to the concentration camps they were split up by gender and that separated Elizer from his mother and sisters. In the concentration camps all inmates were shaved to a buzz cut. It then came t...

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...ts his children but he is not there to prove that he does watch over his flock of children.
It is safe to say that the holocaust was a terrible time for Jews in the nineteen hundreds while under control by the Nazi party. We discussed how the Nazis took away the humanity of the Jews, how they maintained their humanity, and how religion was used as a metaphor. It is understood that they have suffered. In making an effort to hang on to their lives as many did not. For those who did survive were able to stand strong through the time of struggle, they were able to explain what tragedy they actually went through and their experience. Even though the Jews are the race that has taken the most cruel punishment during that time period they were able to stand strong as a community and power through this horrific time. After they were able to regroup as a community and found

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