Holocaust : A Second Murder Of The Holocaust Essay example

Holocaust : A Second Murder Of The Holocaust Essay example

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Six million Jews, two million children, and five million non-Jewish victims were each executed by the Germans to get rid of the “inferior race” under the reign of Adolf Hitler. Despite these horrific deaths and persecutions from many concentration camps in Auschwitz, to Kristallnacht, “The Night of Broken Glass”, where Temples, synagogues, Jewish businesses, and Jewish cemeteries were set on fire or destroyed, people still deny that any of these events took place. That the murder of approximately six million Jews during World War II never occurred; that the Nazis had no official policy or intention to exterminate the Jews; and that the poison gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp never existed. “Holocaust denial is a second murder of those same six million. First their lives were extinguished; then their deaths. A person who denies the Holocaust becomes part of the crime of the Holocaust itself" (Kulaszka). In Canada and Western Europe, Holocaust deniers have been persecuted under the racial defamation and hate crime laws. Extending these same laws in the United States would prevent the problems of distortion that we continue to face. Consequently, there are still people today who continue to deny the Holocaust, strategizing to push forward their objectives of distortion, and neglecting the effect the Holocaust had in history and the effect it has on people today.
The Holocaust was a major event in our history that is far too big for anyone to forget nor deny its occurrence. “The Nazis, who came to power in Germany in January 1933, believed that Germans were "racially superior" and that the Jews, deemed "inferior," were an alien threat to the so-called German racial community” (Beorn). In 1933, The Jewish population exce...

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... is all the more so as threats of genocide again appear in public statements. Fighting the main manipulations of the Holocaust requires first understanding the nature of the abuses. This must be followed by exposing the manipulations of the perpetrators, who should then be turned into the accused. (Gerstenfeld)
In the United States Constitution, it enables its citizens to freedom of speech, therefore, denying the Holocaust and participating in anti- Semitism in the United States is not illegal, unless threats of violence are apparent. There are, however, other ways to prevent Holocaust denial from spreading. Distortion is often seen and shared through the internet where it is visible for everyone to see. It is important for everyone to recognize Holocaust distortion and to put an end to it before it becomes an ever bigger problem to the extent of another genocide.

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