The Holocaust : A Greek Word Meaning Sacrifice By Fire Essays

The Holocaust : A Greek Word Meaning Sacrifice By Fire Essays

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The Holocaust, a Greek word meaning sacrifice by fire, was the systematic, genocidal killing of over six million Jews and five million non-jews that was carried by the Nazi regime in its attempt to take complete control of Europe. During this time, Jews and other groups such as Roma, Slovaks, Russians, etc. were deemed as racially inferior and, therefore, needed to be exterminated in order to purify German society and protect the Aryan race. Ultimately, the Nazi regime took the lives of eleven million innocent people on these grounds, and, now, decades later, the world still demands justice for those who where murdered as part of this horrific plot. On these grounds, Oskar Gröning, a former SS member at Auschwitz extermination camp, is being prosecuted for the involvement in the killing of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. Gröning, a former accountant and bookkeeper for the SS, should be found liable for the mass murder of thousands of Jews because, under German law it is now established that prosecutors no longer need to establish culpability in specific murders in order to find the defendant guilty. (Spiegel). In addition, Gröning testified that he himself believes that he is morally guilty for the murders of thousands of Jews, and, finally, he assisted the Nazi regime even after being informed of all the horrific acts that where being done on humanity.
The Holocaust was a devastating time for humanity as a whole and bringing it to justice decades later can bring chills down peoples spines. Prosecutors have been slacking on the prosecution of Nazi affiliates for long enough, and it’s time for justice to be served. German laws concerning war crimes have recently taken a change for the better. According to Spiegel, a wel...

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...y elderly age, there is still time to convict him of his wrong doings. Gröning is guilty in every way possible. He says it himself that he is morally guilty, he stated that he indeed know everything that was going on in the death camps and proceeded to assist the Nazi movement, and know he is at fault under German law. German prosecutors have slacked enough. “At the very latest, systematic investigations could have started as soon as the court allowed Demjanjuk to be brought to trial almost four years ago,” said Nestler, a german prosecutor. It is not humanly correct to let those who have caused so much pain and suffering to live freely. We have already failed millions of victims of the Nazi regime for decades and it is now our duty to persecute all members and affiliates of the regime who are still alive and find them guilty for their horrific acts against humanity.

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