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Holmes on Conversation Styles Essay

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Holmes (2000: 300) stated that :
It seems possible that for men mock-insults and abuse serve the same function – expressing solidarity and maintaining social relationships – as complements and agreeing comments do for women
For the writer, he agrees with this statement because for male counterpart; it’s hard to find and identify the equivalent for men towards women’s gossip. Men tend to discuss and focus on things and activities, rather than feelings and also personal experience as the main topic for conversation. Some topics like sports or cars turn up regularly and the focus were more on facts and information compared from feelings and reactions.
The verbal sparring is reported by others who have examined all-male interactions and in some groups, the verbal insult is an established and ritual speech activity. Evidence of this kind makes the task easier to understand why some researchers have suggested that men and women belong to totally different cultural groups. In the other hand, it also helps to explain why women and men sometimes miscommunicate when communicating with each other.
Meanwhile, it should being noted once more that most of the research which have been referred in order to describe women’s and also men’s interaction patterns were in Western English-speaking communities, and most of the data came from white middle-class adult speakers. While there are some evidence that proves women tend to be more supportive and men become much more competitive conversationalist in the other cultures too, but still there are some increasing amount of research which describing the alternative patterns.

So, the writer here would like to say either he agree or not with this kind of statement. For the writer himself, h...

... middle of paper ...

...e seems to stray away from the main topic which been discussed, but bear in mind that for language which someone utters; all those factors were need to take into account in judging person’s personal language choice. So, that was why it need to be discussed altogether when explaining about this issue. Then, as the statement which Holmes had mentioned above, men’s mock-insult and abuse. It truly shows that the environment itself and situation plays very huge role in men’s language choice. The psycholinguistic factors also cannot being just simply put aside but need to be discussed together in this issue as well.

In the end of this issue discussion, again the writer would like to emphasize on his stance which he actually supports the particular statement made by Holmes when analyzing between men and also women conversation style.

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