Hollywood Vs. America by Michael Medved Essay

Hollywood Vs. America by Michael Medved Essay

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The book that stuck out the most to me this semester was “Hollywood Vs. America”. The reason why I seemed to disagree with this book the majority of the time was because Medved had no sound arguments or sources. The only sources he had within the book were people who basically had the same mindset and worldview as he. This book mainly stuck out to me, purely because it made me mad every time I read it. I really thought, based upon the first couple of pages, that this would be a book I would enjoy. I thought that Medved was going to have sound reasoning why he thought the movies were against American popular culture based on his opinion and the opinion of others. The book would have been great if he had had surveys of the population surrounding him; survey’s stating what the actual American population thought about certain movies, not what his opinion on what the American culture should think about these movies. I thought that would make a pretty good extended response; talking about something that made you fired up!
The way Medved would talk about certain movies or musically genres was extremely rude and biased. Within the first pages I read something that got under my skin. Medved is talking about how Michael Jackson came out with his song “Black or White”. The song is about racial harmony within the family during a time where it was not completely culturally acceptable to be married to someone of an opposite race. Medved proceeds to discuss what goes on in the music video. This portion of his interpretation is what bothers me the most:
“The most troublesome transformation comes near the end of this incoherent epic… A stalking panther turns miraculously into Michael Jackson as we’ve never seen him before… Michael grabs repea...

... middle of paper ...

...absurd personally, and I do not feel as though Christianity is directed targeted; Catholicism is.
In conclusion, I found a quote from Michael Medved that I thoroughly agreed with, he says, “This same habitual blindness to spiritual, substantive dimensions of every significant challenge continues to handicap Hollywood”. I believe what he wants to get across here is that the Hollywood industry always misses the mark when it comes to spirituality and this is his whole meaning throughout the book. Whether I agree with his wording or not, I am a Christian, and I should be concerned with the way the media is influencing the mind of the world around me. I am called to be the light in this world, and I do believe that is the one area Medved and I agree; in some way, we both believe that the world is under attack and it is our job to show the light to this darkened world.

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