Essay about The Hollywood Life

Essay about The Hollywood Life

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It seems as if sppome people just can’t get enough of the exploratory tabloids of their favorite celebrities, some people still take an interest in celebrities that aren't even around anymore . Throughout Americas Hollywood History the views of women actresses has changed drastically, two very good examples are Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan.The contrast between these two women show a difference in class,culture and time. By researching actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan one would discover the tragic and destructive toll Hollywood glamor that would eventually come to overrun their lives.
In Hampstead, London on February 27th, 1932 Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born. Elizabeth Taylor was the second child to Francis Taylor and Sera Taylor- formerly known as famous actress, Sera Sothern- the first child being her older brother. The Taylors had hired a nanny for their children, Frieda Gill and not long after Elizabeth Taylor was introduced to the world of acting. The war with germany had forced the Taylors return home to the United States, where the father sold art in St.Louis Missouri and her mother pushed for her to have a career just as she did. (d’Arcy) Although her mother had called it quits on her acting days she still pushed for her daughter to be a star as well. By the time Elizabeth had turned ten years old she had been signed with Universal Studios.Which was to a one year contract, during which time she had released her first movie Lassie Come Home. In 1942 she had begun to work with metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and by then, Elizabeth Taylor had “become a household name” Susan d’Arcy in the biography she wrote called The Films of Elizabeth Taylor.
Between the years of 1952 and 1956 Taylor had played role...

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