The Holly Spirit and His Holly World Essay

The Holly Spirit and His Holly World Essay

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The natural world which mankind inhabits is visible to physical eyes. Tangible objects fill the scenes of this earthly realm. The world and its components are familiar and open to humanity and as a result most are comfortable with their natural environment and with what they can physically see. Yet, man is a two-fold being in that he is a spiritual being as well as an earthly one. Man possesses a soul, and that soul will live eternally. Of course, the soul of man pertains to the spiritual side of mankind where the spirit world play an integral role in the decisions he makes, the influences he is subjected to, and where the soul of man will ultimately spend eternity. The invisible spirit world is full of spirits which aid every soul in choosing their final eternal destination. It is this world that most are neither familiar nor comfortable with considering or giving much heed. However, if a soul is to successfully reach heaven then it is of vital importance to consider the spiritual side of man and what it entails.
A spirit is an immaterial, intelligent being. A spirit can also be described as the disposition of the mind or intellect. People are the result of the spirit to which they lend themselves. Jesus expressed to the disciples in one instance that they were not aware of the spirit influencing them. There are many different spirits that influence people. The bible names the spirit of wisdom and understanding. There are spirits of fear, jealousy, fornication, and countless others. In order for a man to enter Heaven he must be born of a particular spirit, the Holy Spirit (John 3:5). The Spirit of God will bring the right influences into the heart of the truly converted soul. David asked God to renew in him a right spirit (Psalm...

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... blatantly expose themselves to a human being the majority of the time, but rather must be discerned. A real saint of God can distinguish what is of God’s spirit and what is in opposition of God’s spirit. The Holy Spirit will give the needed discernment to the heart that is open and close to God. Such a heart will have the power to overcome every wrong spirit that stands in the way of the redeemed. Spirits represent themselves through people, and people can use many different ways to manifest the spirit that influences them. May God help each one who has a claim to true Salvation to be able to discern by the help of the Holy Ghost the spirits, or influences, that oppose the truth. The Holy Spirit is the only spirit that will safely take the soul of man to heaven.

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