Essay Holland 's Theory Of Types And Person Environment Interaction

Essay Holland 's Theory Of Types And Person Environment Interaction

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Holland’s theory of types and person-environment interaction reflects Pandora’s career history path. Holland’s theory “describes differences in personality types. It provides an explicit link between various personality characteristic and corresponding job titles and because it organizes the massive data about people and jobs” (Niles & Bowlsbey, 2013, p.69). The theory describes four basic assumptions that apply to Pandora life. The first assumption states that in our culture, majority of people are categorized as one of the six types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional (Niles & Bowlsbey, 2013). In Pandora case, she is categorized as a social type. Pandora believes it is her duty to inform and enlighten other about God. At the same time, she wants to assist youths that experience trauma and be their support system to develop them into becoming a productive member of society. A social personality type favor activities that entail the manipulation of others to inform, train, develop, cure or enlighten. Social type jobs consist of teachers, religious worker, counselor, clinical psychologist, psychiatric, caseworker or speech therapist (Niles & Bowlsbey, 2013). Pandora is a youth counselor and working towards her goals to become a religious worker. To add, some of the characteristic traits that are used to describe Pandora are, friendly, convincing, sympathetic, empathetic, helpful, patient, responsible and warm. These are the same characteristics that a social type person displays.
The second assumption proposed that there are six kind of environment: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional (Niles & Bowlsbey, 2013). According to Pandora work and childhood env...

... middle of paper ...

...gration or harmony regarding traits, interest, values, and perception than lower degrees of consistency” (Niles & Bowlsbey, 2013, p.74).
In summary, if Pandora were seeking career counseling, I would recommend John Holland’s Theory of Types and Person-Environment Interactions. The theory demonstrates how one’s personality and environment influences behavior and choice. A study of Dutch employees also yield a significant correlation between congruence and satisfaction and found that, over time, worker’s personality profiles tend to fall more in line with their occupation (Ohler & Levinson, 2012). Pandora would have the opportunity to evaluate her childhood experiences, settings and life experiences. Through these events, Pandora is able to examine personality traits that constantly emerge in her life and how her work environment interacts with these personality traits.

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