Essay Holistics Ways of Bringing Patience Relief Using Alternative Medicine

Essay Holistics Ways of Bringing Patience Relief Using Alternative Medicine

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There are many ways to treat different illnesses in western medicine, but there are even more when we look into complementary alternative medicine. As nurses, we can help our patients achieve the balance of mind-body-spirit through alternative holistic interventions. Our main focus as nurses should be to heal our patients as a whole and not just the body how western medicine looks at patients. The purpose of this paper is to discuss holistic ways of bringing our patients relief using alternative medicine. Nurses are capable of using many holistic interventions for our patients. There are many ways to treat anxiety naturally with holistic interventions. Anxiety is a normal response to the daily stresses in our life. When we are scared our metabolism speeds up, our muscles tighten, and our adrenaline increases. Anxiety is a problem when it affects us at inappropriate times and interferes with our everyday activities. Anxiety becomes a bigger problem when our bodies are constantly in the danger mode. If anxiety continues constantly it could have serious side effects to our bodies. People who are exposed to prolonged periods of anxiety are at risks for having high blood pressure, insomnia, digestive problems, skin disorders, mood swings, and depression. Many people can feel anxious even when they are not faced with a challenge or any danger. Individuals with anxiety disorders can have extreme episodes of panic attacks. Panic attacks can cause increased heart rate, increased respirations and some people have been known to break out into a cold sweat. People can sometimes have tingling in their extremities. These symptoms sometime make the person experiencing them think that they are having a heart attack or stroke. There are many wa...

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