Essay about Holistic Medicine

Essay about Holistic Medicine

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Holistic Medicine
Many people aren’t really aware of the benefits that holistic medicine can provide to ones stability as a healthy human being. According to holistic medicine, a good health state is achieved by gaining proper balance in life. It has successfully been a form to cure individuals by evolving from traditional techniques to a more easy way of achieving ones balance in health as well as in life. It can be seen in various ways as meditation used by the Buddhism religion, or as simple as yoga. Therefore, mostly everyone seeks holistic medication in their own way to balance them as whole. Holistic medicine, defined in (WebMD), is a form of healing that considers the whole person’s body, mind, and spirit in the pursuit for top health and wellness. There are many interesting ways that one can achieve this balance.
In (The Ancient Greeks and Holistic Medicine) article if gives a brief summary of how holistic medicine was first used and when it came among us. The ancient Greeks were the ones who trialed around with plants and herbs to make home remedies for curing the ill. Theophrastus was one of the ancient Greeks who wrote a lot about herbal medicine along with Socrates and Plato who also wrote about botany and holistic healing through herbal medicine as its stated in (The Ancient Greeks and Holistic Medicine) article. Around 400 B.C, The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates was one of the few who approached or practiced holistic medicine. He was a well-known physician in ancient Greece in. He cautioned doctors not to obstruct with the body’s ability to heal itself. According to the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, he stated that the body contained the ability to heal itself just by balancing the four humors....

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