Essay on Holistic Medicine and Modern Medicine

Essay on Holistic Medicine and Modern Medicine

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Holistic Medicine
Modern medicine or mainstream medical practices primarily concentrate on the physical health of a patient as apposed to the symptoms. Physical discomforts demand our attention and it is difficult to ignore symptoms when our bodies physically hurt. Modern medicine is utilized in many ways to mask the symptoms with out looking at the cause.
Alternative medicine, integrative medicine and complementary medicine encompass a broader spectrum defined as holistic healing or holistic medicine. Holistic healing is taking an approach utilizing an alternative to conventional care. Holistic medical practitioners consider the whole person in the quest for wellness and optimal health. The philosophy is that by gaining proper balance in life one can have optimal health and wellness. Practitioners believe that the body is made of of interdependent parts: body, mind, spirit, and emotions. If each is not working properly then another would be affected and manifests into an illness.
Holism approaches disease and health from many angels. The belief is that treating the whole self rather than only the illness, or the symptom. The field of holistic medicine is very diverse. It includes conventional and alternative therapies but also focuses on lifestyle. Holistic medicine could also include supplements that could produce the same affect as a conventional drugs. Some utilize acupuncture, guided imagery, healing touch, yoga, meditation. This list goes on with hundreds of options.
Holism is a lifestyle approach. “The holistic healer recognizes that our discomforts or pains are merely symptoms of an imbalance (What is Holistic Healing, 2014).” This imbalance may be the result of lack of exercise, too little sleep, and an unhealthy ...

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