Holistic Health For The Older Adult Essay

Holistic Health For The Older Adult Essay

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Holistic Health Promotion
The intended approach to the health plan that is being discussed is to offer a holistic plan of health for the older adult. People of any generation tend to relate the words physicians, and medications with the word health. However being healthy is much more than any physician can offer by giving prescription. Holistic health looks at a person’s whole being. So to offer a holistic health plan for the older adult the plan should include physical activity, healthy nutrition and mental health components. The mental health component often times get neglected in today’s society and often health personnel do not remember to include mental health in the planning. Some would state that mental health needs to be considered in all age groups when considering health but especially the elderly because some elderly have misconception about mental health (Chippendale, 2014). Nurses need to consider mental health for any group of people that they work with and for the elderly social interaction is often a key component for a health plan.
Holistic measures of this plan also include cost effectiveness. The activities mention in this plan are usually at little or no cost to the individual. Even the gym activities mentioned above in some communities are offered free of charge. Most of the nutrition classes’ mention may be offered for a minimal fee. Depending on the community even some of the social outing that are mentioned may be low cost or no cost for the older adult. All of the components of this health plan are meant to be beneficial and improve the quality of life for the older adults.
Plan Implementation
A group of nurses have chosen to work on this plan together in a rural community in Ohio. The group would has cho...

... middle of paper ...

...g the older adult to use physical activities, healthy nutrition choices and social interactions for a healthy lifestyle should still be encourage with elderly who live in city dwelling.

The health plan discussed in this paper is a health plan that is designed to assist the older adult, especially those in the rural setting, to be encourage to live healthier lifestyles. The Health Promotion Model can be used to assist in designing a plan to assist the older adult to develop a healthy lifestyle. Although no one plan is appropriate for all older adults, and no plan is perfect it is the hope that by implementing a health plan for the older adult that they can be encourage and able to live a full healthy life. Sometimes by helping the older adult to gain information and using this information the older adult can be encourage to have an improve lifestyle.

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