Holistic Assessment Of A Patient From My Job Essay

Holistic Assessment Of A Patient From My Job Essay

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Holistic nursing focuses on promoting health and wellness. It is care that is based on the theory of a balance between the body, mind and spirit. Its goal is to heal the body person as a whole. Holistic assessment is a practice that is specialized on nursing knowledge, theories, expertise and intuition to guide nurses in becoming therapeutic partners with their patients. It recognizes and gathers information about the totality of the human being, the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotion, spirit, socio-cultural, relationship, context, and environment. This paper is based on a holistic assessment of a patient from my job. A 72 years old Caucasian.
The patient, Mr.N.G, a 72 year old, Caucasian male from Silver Spring, Maryland. He is divorced with three adult sons. Mr. N is a college graduate with a degree in the science. The level of educational level of a patient is important because it affects the way they act towards their physical and mental health assessment and also help them make healthy choices. It also helps the nurse to determine the level of the patients understanding and also help in communication. The patient’s physical development is one of weak, frail, kyphosis, and ambulation with assistance. He has had a femoral fracture, cataracts surgery, and is a fall risk. Despite the patients’ condition, his level of memory and cognitive activities are the patient’s memory and thinking (cognitive) abilities are strong. He is able to provide his date of birth and that of his children and also his address from memory. Patient communicates very well with the nurses and doctors and gives a clear feedback, also patient uses clear and logical speech when articulating.
The developmental stage of the...

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... reasonably soon to stimuli. Facial expression is appropriate to the situation and changes appropriately with the topic. Patient has comfortable eye contact. Patient’s speech is effortless and he shares conversation appropriately. Patient’s pace of conversation is moderate, and the stream of talking is fluent. Patient has good insight and judgment and is able and willing to participate in their health care. Lastly, patient reports no family history of mental illness.

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