The Holistic Approach of Qi Exercise for Healthy Pregnant Women Essay examples

The Holistic Approach of Qi Exercise for Healthy Pregnant Women Essay examples

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The Holistic Approach of Qi Exercise for Healthy Pregnant Women
Definition and Description
Qi exercise is a holistic, traditional Chinese form of therapy that consists of a sequence of postures, breathing awareness, and meditation (Ji & Han, 2010). By practicing Qi exercise, Ji and Han (2010) state that one may be able to achieve improvement in physical strength and endurance, the ability to stay relaxed, and the mind’s sense of concentration and relaxation. It may be used as a gentle exercise intervention for women during their pregnancy (Ji & Han, 2010). According to Ji and Han (2010), Qi exercise is considered safe and may be beneficial to mothers of healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies through the enhancement of maternal-fetal interaction, which is a mother's engagement in behaviors that express her special relationship with her fetus, and support for overall maternal health throughout pregnancy. Although Qi exercise is gaining more attention as a type of complementary and alternative therapy, there have been hardly any studies done to examine Qi exercise during pregnancy (Ji & Han, 2010).
Significance of Topic
There is significance in investigating the effects of Qi exercise during pregnancy because of the insightful information and evidence that may be obtained for improving nursing care and serving the health care needs of pregnant women and their fetus. Given the quality of complementary and alternative therapy being widespread, it is necessary that nurses are knowledgeable about the benefits, risks, and safety guidelines and are open to the different types of therapies, like Qi exercise (Davidson, London, & Ladewig, 2012). In addition, Davidson, London, and Ladewig (2012) state that the use of these therapies are benefic...

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...regnant women and their fetus during a healthy pregnancy. This complementary and alternative form of intervention may support maternal-fetal interaction and maternal physical and emotional health. Not only may it be beneficial during the prenatal period, but it may produce optimistic long term effects for the mother and her baby. I believe that Qi exercise, as well as any other prenatal complementary and alternative therapy, should be further researched, tested, and implemented into nursing practice, especially as studies regarding this topic have repeatedly mentioned a gap in the current literature. As the healthcare system is constantly evolving, nurses must strive to update and expand their knowledge and be willing to engage in creative approaches to healing the whole person. By doing so, nurses may be advocates for their clients, providing safe and optimal care.

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