Essay on Holidays Are A Major Part Of Culture Around The World

Essay on Holidays Are A Major Part Of Culture Around The World

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Holidays are a major part of culture around the world. No matter where someone goes, the culture that surrounds them may have their own unique holidays. In the culture that has surrounded me my whole life, we celebrate 18 holidays. Every holiday has their own reason to be celebrated, whether it’s a holiday to remember something or someone who has made an impact on our society, or if it is to celebrate pagan holidays that were established back in biblical times, we always have something to celebrate. The one holiday that stands out to me the most, is Easter.
In most American families Easter is celebrated traditionally with kids searching for little plastic eggs with a variety of candies hidden inside. It is a time for families to come together and enjoy warm spring weather. Some kids also receive baskets full of anything from candy to video games, jackets, movies, or stuffed animals. A traditional lunch or dinner is usually served as well. Easter for some families like mine is for all branches of the family to come together and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Families all have their own unique and different ways to celebrate holidays. Some have traditions that stay the same, some change every year, and some may change over a period of time.
First of all, when I was between the age of three to five my sister and my one cousin would run crazy. For every holiday during that age we would leave the house around eleven am and drive an hour to my mom’s sisters or brothers house. For Easter though, we would not leave the house because Easter was the holiday that was celebrated at my house. Being between the ages three and five was perfect while celebrating a holiday like Easter. It was perfect because being those ages you wer...

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...r and I would sleep at my dad’s house, only because my mom had full custody of us both. Easter went from me enjoying time with family to enjoying it for a short period of time then becoming extremely annoyed.
To conclude, every family may have something in common when it comes to celebrating Easter, but every family adds something unique to their tradition. Some have traditions that stay the same, some change every year, and some may change over a period of time. Easter started out as a happy and fun filled event in my family. Serving two meals, exchanging stories with the family and us kids running around doing our own thing. As I got older the mood generally stayed the same, but us kids had chores to do and games to play. In the end, when my parents got divorced to the present day Easter took a fall. Easter is never a full day of happiness for my sister and I.

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