Essay on Holden, Holden And The Ducks

Essay on Holden, Holden And The Ducks

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In an initial reading of Catcher in the Rye the text suggests that the novel focuses on the main character, Holden, and that the text is concerned with his ability to grow and mature; however, similarly to how Salinger portrays the ducks as changing and unnoticed, Holden is as well. The ducks are in the midst of a large change in their lives, about to migrate and move on from one part of their life to the next, Holden is trying to move on from childhood to adulthood. Amongst the confusion of change in itself, Holden and the ducks, go severely under appreciated and unnoticed by community members.
It is a constant throughout the story that Holden is unpleased with what his life has to offer and, consequently, is in a persistent pursuit of some kind of presence in his life to pervade the internal destitute he experiences on a daily basis. Wrongly, Holden concludes one of his most immense struggles is the spuriousness of others. (Salinger 9). The word “people” in the sentence was used in such a way, by Holden, that has disassociates himself from everyone else. This is a common tactic used by Holden and is a recurring issue throughout the book. (Salinger 9). Holden’s uncommunicative indifference towards others, especially adults, can be observed in the nascence of the novel. Blatant disregard for his elders wisdom and authority is only inhabits his internal self though it is a crucial focal point to understand when trying to understand the essence of Holden Caulfield. Nonetheless, another fundamental piece of Holden’s character is his high respect everyone as a human being. Without a doubt he harbors phoniness, pretentiousness, pseudo intellectuality, and sanctimoniousness among many other faulty traits, he has a deep underlying lov...

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...ipping away from him. Holden’s seemly odd obsession with the waterfowl is him indirectly trying to find out what will happen to his childhood once it has completely vanished. Seasons cycle as carousels spin round. At the end of the book Holden realizes through seeing his sister Phoebe, spinning around on a carousel reaching for golden rings. The golden rings to Holden meant reaching maturity. As the carousel spins around you have to let kids reach for the rings, it is necessary to grow up. He understands winter will come again, the carousel will keep spinning, and the ducks will arrive back to the lagoon in spring, these things are trapped forever in a cycle. Deciding whether to let go or try harder was a difficult decision for Holden. Change is never easy when we are war to hold on to what we hold dear and at the same time battle ourselves to let that same thing go.

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