Holden Caulfield Disillusionment Essay

Holden Caulfield Disillusionment Essay

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The Catcher in the Rye revolves around Holden Caulfield, the protagonist of the novel, and his disillusionment. Holden’s disillusionment illustrates that he has a problem accepting such. Aforesaid is based upon multiple factors, most which have brought Holden lasting traumas. A remedy is required for Holden to accept his disillusionment and enable an improvement of his situation. For Holden’s remedy, the consultation of psychologists, and additional specialized health professionals would be the core of an apt remedy for Holden’s psychological and physiological state based upon the numerous causes of such and the everlasting trauma of some of the determinants of aforesaid situation. The origins of Holden’s disillusionment revolved mainly around the death of his younger brother Allie three years ago, of which he still experiences the trauma to this day. His disillusionment is caused by both of his teachers which he has contact with outside of class, his History teacher and his previous English teacher, who warn him about his path and state that Holden is going to “fall”1, but also when Holden leaves Pencey and is exposed to the real world with nothing hidden from him. Remedies for such disillusionment require, in Holden’s case, the assistance of medical professionals on both the psychological and physiological side of things since both are disrupted in Holden’s case.
The origins of Holden’s disillusionment and the reason that it all started is the death of his younger brother which he was very fond of and admired, Allie, three years ago. The death of Allie is very significant in Holden’s mind since it is an event which he remembers quite clearly at multiple occasions during the book. For example, when Holden is writing a descripti...

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...nts flowers when you’re dead?”6 This illustrates the fondness and the wish for right that Holden still has towards Allie even though he has been dead for multiple years. We can additionally state that Holden’s grief is still omnipresent as when he was describing Allie for one of the first times, he solemnly expresses “He’s dead now”7 which is a very simple sentence which leads to conclude that Holden acknowledges the death of Allie however the subject still seems sensible and he prefers to not go in extensive details on such. The death of Allie was the start of Holden’s disillusionment since it is the moment where Holden realized that the world is no longer perfect and that the possibility of loss of fond element of one’s life is present and may happen without notice. The dangers and unpredictability of the world he lives in is the nature of Holden’s disillusionment.

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