Holal Marketsrs and Brand Essay

Holal Marketsrs and Brand Essay

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Halal is now not just a religious issue in fact it is considered as symbol of quality assurance. Market share of Halal industry is increasing by a large number every year and because of this more and more brands are going for Halal certification (lada, Tanakinjal and Amin, 2009).
Halal is used as a marketing tool by marketers. Marketers are using Halal as brand element to promote their brands. Organizations are now considering Halal as important brand component to increase its market share. The Halal philosophy is used to enhance branding, marketing and to develop the product market. Halal is used as a co-brand like Halal insurance, Halal financing etc. Many Halal products are priced below if compared to non-halal products to encourage their consumption. Brands that do not offer Halal are likely to lose their market share (Wilson and Lui, 2010).
The loyalty of Halal product consumers is very high towards Halal brands (Yousef, 2010). Consumers in Europe despite of being non-Muslim prefer Halal brands because of the good quality (Hornby and Yucel, 2009). Halal market is not only limited to food sector but products like soap, chocolate and perfumes etc are now going for Halal certifications (Wilson and Lui, 2010).
Before Halal certification was not given importance, and process of certification varies from country to country, because of this Halal certification process has some drawbacks due to lack of coordination among the certification agencies. To ensure proper Halal certification of brands a uniform process should be implemented (lada, Tanakinjal & Amin, 2009).
2.1 Ingredients
Any product which has Halal logo on its packaging means that the company has made a promise that the ingredients used as wel...

... middle of paper ...

...n is one of the major factor which influences consumers behavior and attitude especially for Muslim consumers (Pettinger, Holdsworth, & Gerber, 2004)
2.4 Consumer perception
According to Badari S.A.Z., Palm L., & David A. (2007) Halal products can be identified by the Halal certification or the Halal logo which is usually present on the packaging of the product which provides easy identification to the consumers to differentiate between Halal and non Halal products. This shows that consumers have high level of trust on Halal logo. Halal logo or the mark of identification is placed on the product for easy identification (Cheng, 2008)
To market Halal products one must study the consumer behavior. A product that is well marketed but does not have Halal logo on it may catch consumer’s attention, however they will read its ingredients (lada, Tanakinjal and Amin, 2009).

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