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Will Puck was an ordinary kid who had the dream of one day becoming a professional hockey player. Both Will’s Mom and Dad had played for the USA hockey teams, and Will wanted nothing more than to do the same thing.

One day after a hockey game, as Will and his parents were coming home, a drug crazed man came out of nowhere and shot and killed his parents right in front of him. As his Mom and Dad were dying he promised his parents that he would get revenge and become the best hockey player in the world. From that day on, Wil devoted his life to becoming a professional hockey player and stopped at nothing to achieve his dream. Then one day Will's dream was reached when he was drafted by the Mine City Miners, a professional hockey team located in Mine City, Alaska.

After several weeks of hard work, opening day was finally here and the Miners had been playing terrible hockey. By the end of the first period the Miners were trailing 3-0, but by the end of the game the Miners had lost 8-1. Even though Will had scored the only point for the Miners, he was furious. He had never lost a game that badly, and planned to do whatever it took to never lose that bad again.

About a month after using them, Will was three times bigger than he used to be, and was stronger, faster, and he could hit a puck faster and farther than anyone, but he continued to grow. He was now able to shoot pucks through walls, and had steam coming off the puck when he would hit it.

After year of using the steroids, Will was caught and suspended from the league. Since he was unable to play hockey anymore, he decided to devote his life to crime, going back to his parents being murdered. Since he was unable to get into the police force do to steroid use, he d...

... middle of paper ... with the blade of his hockey skates. The Crusher was mad and Hockeyman knew it, but at the same time he was injured and couldn't move. That is when Hockeyman realized that the ceiling above them was poorly built, so he it an explosive hockey puck into the air and made the ceiling fall down on The Crusher. By this time Lois had gone unconscious so Hockeyman decided to unchain her and call the cops.

By the time the cops got there Hockeyman was gone. When Lois awoke, she had no idea what happen other than she was kidnapped by The Crusher and taken to this abandoned building and that before she passed out she say someone trying to rescue her. The cops also found The Crusher knocked unconscious under a pile of debris. The Crusher was then put back into a newly built prison and was told that he would never get out again, but if he did Hockeyman would be waiting.

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