Ho Chi Minh and the Success of Vietnamese Communism Essay

Ho Chi Minh and the Success of Vietnamese Communism Essay

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Communism as a political philosophy has had both its critics and nationalist proponents throughout recent history. As a tool for nationalistic movements in recent, one of the most compelling examples is how communism was introduced and used by Ho Chi Minh to help Vietnam become a unified and independent nation in the 1970s. Ho Chi Minh, a Marxist Leninist, charismatic and populist leader, adopted communism through his experiences, struggles, and challenges. Communism came to play an important role in bringing Vietnam independence and freedom from the French and subsequent colonialist rulers. Ho Chi Minh used communist to help the Vietnamese develop feelings of patriotism and nationalism toward the country. Ho Chi Minh created several organizations in order to educate and then mobilize the Vietnamese under communism. His first organization was the Revolutionary Youth League, which educated the Vietnamese people on the foundations, the ideological aspects, and the goals of communism. The second organization was the Communist Vietnamese Party, which emphasized the benefits of communism both economically and physically compared to the French colonialists. Thirdly, the Vietminh provided the military opportunity for the Vietnamese people to take communism into practice and revolt against the French colonialists. The successes of these communist organization helped Ho Chi Minh successfully unite Vietnam and gain freedom from France.
From the 17th century on, Vietnam had never had a steady period of peace or prosperity. Vietnam fell into a civil war between the 16th to early 19th century between three powerful lords, Trinh and Nguyen, and the Tay Son brothers. Next, French influence and invasions took over Vietnam and established Fre...

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...munist beliefs.
The results of the success of communism being implemented into Vietnamese society led the Vietnamese people to successfully defeat the French colonialists in the First Indochina War and unify Vietnam in the Second Indochina War. These victories symbolize how the effects of communism were able to bring people together based on their similarities. The ideologies of communism were appealing to all of the Vietnamese people because they were all suffering economically and politically from the French. Because of these appealing communist ideologies, Ho Chi Minh was able to bring the Vietnamese together on nationalistic and patriotic terms. Overall, although there were ideologies that came into play simultaneously as communism, it was Ho Chi Minh who successfully ushered in his Marxist Leninist ideology that allowed for Vietnam to unite and free Vietnam.

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