Hmong vs. American Marriages Essay

Hmong vs. American Marriages Essay

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Many young Hmong couples living in the United States when they choose to

marry often face a dilemma, to wed the Hmong or American way. Both are distinctively

opposites as to the wedding ceremony, marital legal bridal relationship with the in-laws


Although the Hmong and the American both have a ceremony when today wed, in

the Hmong culture the man has to pay a price for his wife. The man’s side of the family

has to go to the woman’s side and ask her parents for permission to be wed. The man has

to pay for the wedding, and the ceremony usually take one night and day before the

parents reach an agreement. After both sides reach an agreement, then the bride has to

wear Hmong costume to walk out of her parents’ house to the groom’s home. This makes

both of the bride and groom officially marry. In the American ceremony both groom and

bride first get engaged and set a wedding date. It can take a couple of weeks to a couple

of years before both decide on the wedding day. The bride would pays for the wedding,

her wedding gow...

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