Hiv Is The Abbreviation For Human Immunodeficiency Virus Essay example

Hiv Is The Abbreviation For Human Immunodeficiency Virus Essay example

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HIV is the abbreviation for Human immunodeficiency virus. HIV is an enveloped retrovirus which interferes with your body 's ability to fight the organisms by damaging your immune system. HIV is a sexually transmitted infection and can also be spread by contact with infected blood, from mother to child during pregnancy or childbirth, breast-feeding and so on. HIV affects the immune system, especially CD4 cells, or T cells. Over time, HIV destroys the overall immune system and the body is not able to fight off infections and disease (HIV/AIDS 101, 2015).
AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, which is the final stage of HIV infection, but everyone who has HIV do not advance to this stage. AIDS is the stage of infection that occurs when the immune system is badly damaged and the individual becomes vulnerable to opportunistic infections. One is considered to have progressed to AIDS when the number of CD4 cells falls below 200 cells per cubic millimeter of blood (200 cells/ mm3) (HIV/AIDS 101, 2015). Another condition is if one develops one or more opportunistic infections he or she is considered to have AIDS, regardless of your CD4 count.
Incidence of HIV/AIDS
HIV was once considered a disease associated with young persons, now days it is increasingly recognized as one that impacts people of all ages, including older adults. In most gerontology research, older adults are defined as an individual over the age of 65, but in HIV research, older adults are defined as being aged 50 and older. This change in definition is because of those people who are living with HIV often face "premature aging" (Deeks & Phillips, 2009). HIV is one of the global public health issues, having claimed more than 34 million lives so far. In 2014...

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...V diagnosis or that may be due to HIV or even HIV treatments. Individuals living with HIV are at a high risk at a younger age of health problems typically associated with old age, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, and osteoporosis (Moore, Moore, Thompson, Vahia, Grant & Jeste, 2013). In addition to this, quality of life among individuals aging with HIV is adversely affected by stigma and discrimination. Individuals aging with HIV have limited family and social support, social isolation causes increase in depression, suicidal ideation, and additional mental health problems like anxiety, loneliness (Badiee, Moore, Atkinson, Vaida, Gerard & Duarte, 2012). Unfortunately, HIV-related stigma, social withdrawal, and depression, which are common to the HIV experience, can also have direct and indirect negative consequences on cognition (Vance, 2013).

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