Hiv At The University Campus Center Essay

Hiv At The University Campus Center Essay

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Next, I took an HIV test in the University campus which was provided by Step-Up incorporation and that counted as an hour in this assignment. I went to the campus center and there were people on tables taking blood samples, to get it tested. They refused to tell me on the phone, which really made me fear to meet them. When I went to the hospital the told me that I do not have HIV, and I asked about them telling me to come when the result is negative and thee said it is the hospital policy. In my country, people how were diagnosed with HIV or AIDS cannot survive, because they do not have agencies to support those people, lack of medication, and the lack of medical experiences. Because of that people started to go out of the country to get treated, then they go back with their medication to continue living with no fear of dying.

I also attended a condom packing party event for three hours to help them in pack a condom and two cards. We have a small bag, an encouraged sentence written on the first card, and contact information on the other one. I had to put the card with the sentence first, the condom in the middle, and the last one in the back with both cards being visible through the bag. They use it in events they do in universities or any other place, and I remembered that I saw it in one of AIDS And Society classes. They also mentioned that the work the volunteers and I did, would be enough for approximately a month of events and activities. I was working with a lot of people who were not taking AIDS And Society class with me and I asked them, one of them said they volunteer everyday to do this work in Step-Up Incorporation.

Finally, I attended an event instead of the last class, which was presented by our classmate Emily a...

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...tooing, and sharing needles with patients either drugs or medical cause. In addition, there are some ways that are not enough to get HIV/AIDS transferred, which are sweat, tears, urine, hugging, massage, kissing, living with them, and sharing showers with them. I had the fear from people with this kind of disease as those who know nothing about HIV/AIDS had, but now I improved my knowledge, do not fear them as I used to, how to deal with them in being supportive, and how to prevent myself to get the disease from them to me, which a lot of people still have nothing related to HIV or AIDS. This course really has fed my knowledge about HIV and AIDS, treatments and medications, which some of the stories impacted my in other problems than this disease. I am happy that I took this class because it is about something important, that people were not paying more attention to.

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