Hiv And Public Health Issues Essay

Hiv And Public Health Issues Essay

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HIV and Public Health
Public health involves a number of factors; it is a science that aims to improve and educate the public in many aspects regarding health. A public health issue that can affect anyone anywhere is the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Public Health and HIV is a topic widely researched. Since there is no cure for such a disease, it is important to research and study this virus in hopes of bettering the outcomes for those inflicted with it. Ultimately, HIV can be prevented which is why it is necessary to raise awareness¬ to the public about the disease. After approximately thirty years since the first documentation of AIDS, there are still some misconceptions about HIV such as its potential dangers as well as the unequal amounts of disparities between people living in places like Africa being more affected than those who do not.
There are many symptoms and health effects associated with HIV as it is a disease that affects the infected individual’s physiological state. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlines three stages of HIV (Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2013a). The first stage is acute infection, where a person feels sick after being infected with HIV. A person will typically experience flu like symptoms, however not everyone experiences the same type of symptoms. While in this stage, a person’s body is being infected with the virus and the body is producing high amounts of HIV. Then there is clinical latency where low levels of HIV are being produced, and the person’s immune system becomes weak. The last and ultimately dangerous stage is AIDS, where the person’s immune system has been compromised. The CDC describes AIDS to be “the stage of infection that occurs when your immun...

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... factors are being implemented so that they will not play such a heavy role in regards to HIV. The factors being addressed are poverty, language barriers, stigmas, untreated sexual transmitted diseases, etc. (CDC 2013e). The future of HIV looks positive and promising.
Although HIV and AIDS once took the lives of many people, there are decreasing numbers that show that improvements have been made so that AIDS will not claim as many lives. This pandemic is being addressed and efforts are pushed so that one day, HIV will not inflict so much pain and suffering upon those who have been infected with the disease. Barriers will continue to be addressed and health disparities will one day decrease. There are hopes for a generation that will live without HIV, however, if HIV continues hopefully the methods used for prevention will decrease the incidence rates for the virus.

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