HIV and AIDS: Public Safety vs. Civil Liberties Essay

HIV and AIDS: Public Safety vs. Civil Liberties Essay

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When a nation is faced with a deadly epidemic does the country have the right to suspend individual’s rights in order to better protect the welfare of the community? This debate has emerged across the U.S.; many have implemented quarantines with regards to h1n1 virus and other contagious, potentially deadly diseases. This includes but is not limited to isolating individuals infected, closing schools, and shutting down public transportation systems. Others are considering enacting new and controversial rules. “Since the outbreak of the new flu strain, Massachusetts legislators have sought to pass a law that would allow officials to detain or quarantine someone even when there is uncertainty over the person's exposure to contagious disease. Other states have adopted similar laws in recent years” (Efarti 1). These laws can give states the right to contain persons, violating individual rights for the betterment of society.
With the government having the ability to quarantine patients infected with potentially harmful diseases on questions the rights the individual has. Can the country detain HIV victims so that the disease will be eliminated? Should the county detain these infected persons for the safety of the community? This issue is constantly debated; by presenting community safety and personal rights in America one can better understand societal nature.
Living with HIV is a constant battle, with the disease, self, others, and government. If one contrasts HIV there are legal ramifications one must abide too. Each state is different, this paper will explain the laws of, ‘Wisconsin’ and any legal obligations a person with HIV/AIDS must follow. Once getting an HIV test whether one gets a confidential or anonymous test, know that...

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