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Hitlers Black Sheep Essay

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Hitler’s passionate hate for Jewish people led to the darkest time in history, the Holocaust. Millions of innocent people become victims at the hands of Hitler, Ellie Wiesel, was one of the many. Wiesel, a famous Holocaust survival, wrote about his experience as a prisoner in Auschwitz. He endeared several years of physical and mental torment. In his time as a prisoner he questioned his faith in God exclaiming, “ I’ve got more faith in Hitler than in anyone else. He’s the only one who’s kept his promises” (Wiesel 77). As Germany’s leader, Hitler took it upon himself to attack the Jewish population, making him infamously unforgettable. Adolf Hitler was Germany’s worst leader because he placed millions of people in inhumane situations, sentenced millions to death, and left his country in ruins.
Hitler was Germany’s worst leader because he placed millions of people in inhumane situations. As Hitler began to overtake Europe he started to segregate the citizens of his country. Hitler believed that the aryan race was the purest, and wanted to eliminated every other race, particularly Jews. He began by placing Jews in ghettos. Ghettos were described as, “a life of squalor, hunger, disease, and despair” (Bard 60). The people of the ghettos were devastated to be thrown out of the comfort of their home and placed in horrendous living conditions. The ghettos were known as “a place for slave labor… in other instances, Jewish slave labor had no recognizable purpose other than dehumanization” (Bard 60-61). Jewish people were being stripped of their morale and spirit. Hitler wanted to break them down emotionally. Once in ghettos, Jews were not allowed to practice any religious beliefs. The jews of Rawa were forced to cut their beards; Rabbi ...

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...Jews. The concentration camps were a source of distraction for Hitler. He was dealing with a massive war at the time and should of put all his energy and sources into it. He ultimately lost and killed himself leaving behind a mess for his country to deal with. Hitler was a selfish ruler who's greed and lust for power overtook the needs and well-being of his country and people, making him Germany’s worst leader.

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