Essay on Hitler 's Non Traditional Weapons

Essay on Hitler 's Non Traditional Weapons

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Hitler’s Non-traditional Weapons

Weapons are usually defined as something that is used to cause harm to either property or animals which of course humans are part of. People usually think weapons such as swords, spears, guns, etc. are the only devices or such to be defined as weapons. However, there are devices or concepts that at first glance are not weapons such as stirrups on horses that allows archers to stand up on horseback to fire at enemies. Most people don’t even think words are considered weapons as one of the many examples of such use is with Adolf Hitler and the use of many types of propaganda and other forms of “weapons” employed by the Nazis.
After World War 1, the Central powers lost the war which consist of 2 main countries, Germany and Austria-Hungary. As a result of the war, Germany had to take most of the blame for starting the war and the Austria-Hungary Empire was divided into sections along with losing most of their oversea colonies. Many Germans had negative response to the results of the war. Some of these soldiers on the German side stated that they thought they were winning the war when the Central Powers pulled the plug to stop the war. This led to a myth that circulated amongst the right-winged German political parties that they were “stabbed in the back” (Deist & Feuchtwanger, 1996). These right-winged parties say that the Weimar Republic officials backstabbed the soldiers of the German army by submitting themselves to the Allied Powers and the Treaty of Versailles. During the closing years of the Weimar Republic, Hitler used the political and economic situation to gather followers and used that to win a seat in the government.
One such of these “non-...

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... seemed legal. While the Germans during that time did have military achievement such as the blitzkrieg tactics, Hitler used speech, propaganda and in some cases, blaming to help him discredit his enemies or destroy them.

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