Hitler 's Influence On The Society Essay

Hitler 's Influence On The Society Essay

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Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. Hitler had many problems at home ranging from fighting with his father to losing his younger brother at the age of 11; when Edmond in 1900, “he became detached and introverted” (BIO.COM). During this dark time Hitler‘s father wanted him to become a businessman, however Hitler displayed little interest in business, he preferred the humanities mainly the arts. Only three years later Hitler had another tragedy he lost his father in 1903; at this point Hitler’s mother allowed him to leave school to help support the family only to lose his mother in December 1907. Now without a father or a mother to support him, Hitler left for Vienna in search of work, “Hitler applied to the Academy of Fine Arts, and was rejected both times”(BIO.COM) After having his dreams of becoming a painter crushed, and unable to find a job, Hitler began living in a homeless shelter in Vienna.
During the following several years Hitler lived in the homeless shelter then he decided to move to Munich in 1913. Excited about German nationalism Hitler decided to apply to the German army; “He was accepted in August 1914 though he was still an Austrian Citizen” (BIO.COM). To Hitler’s surprise he was not constantly involved with the main battle, he was involved with key battles, one being where he was injured. “Hitler was decorated for bravery, receiving the Iron Cross First Class and the Black Wound Badge” (BIO.COM). Hitler received the Iron Cross First Class for saving a fellow comrade under a hall of gun fire. Hitler received the Black Wound Badge, after he was gassed by the British on October 14, 1918; this caused Hitler to become temporally blind. Following his injury Hitler was transferred to Pasewalk, Pomerania; dur...

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...camp was initially limited to only males until 1943 where women were brought to the camp. The camp was divided so that the political prisoners lived on the Northside; surrounded by physical barriers including, “an electrified barbed wire fence, watch towers, and a chain of sentries outfitted with automatic machine guns”(WWW.USHMM.COM). The southern side of the camp was dedicated for administrate offices and where the Germans officials that ran the camp would live. The SS would often use these scare tactics in addition to others such as public executions by shooting or hanging prisoners. The initial population at the camp was not just Jewish individuals but also political opponents of the Nazi party, these individuals included both civilian and military personal in leadership positions. As World War Two progressed prisoners of war began to get shipped to this camp.

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