Hitler 's Influence On The Nazi Party Essay

Hitler 's Influence On The Nazi Party Essay

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In 1933, Hitler constructed camps for young German Boys. They taught German boys from the age of ten to eighteen. A powerful speaker, Adolf Hitler showed the boys his ways of thinking at Hitler Youth. The camps made the boys obedient, hopeful, and disciplined. Hitler named the main where Hitler Youth and the other was called German Young People. Both camps were organised by Adolf Hitler himself. At Hitler Youth, the boys were trained how to complete various tasks that would prepare them for war. After the training, the boys continued on to the Nazi Party and this made a huge impact on the war. At Hitler Youth, the boys were taught the ways of Hitler by being gallant and disciplined.
Of course, Hitler’s camps were organized with a plan. Smartly, he constructed different camps for different age groups. At age 10, the boys were escorted to the first Hitler Youth camp, German Young People. Here, they were taught to follow Hitler’s rules and beliefs for the next 8 years at these camps. They then went to the camp named Hitler Youth three years later. The boys stayed at this camp for five years of training to be a soldier when they turned eighteen. After they turned eighteen, the boys first worked for labor service, then entered war serving for the Nazis. Most chose to enter the war after labor service. Suddenly, the camps gained many members quickly. In January 1933, the Hitler Youth Organization had a limited amount of about 50,000 members. Many people soon heard about Hitler Youth and this program began to thrive. The organisation received a satisfying amount of 2 million members by the end of 1933. The camp was told to be great and fun by former members of the Hitler Youth training. The camps soon reached 5.4 million members. Bec...

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...uable men for the later rows. At Hitler Youth, the boys were showed how to shoot guns such as pistols, machine guns, and rocket launchers. This helps because they did not have to be showed how to shoot when they are in the military, they were trained before. As a result of Hitler youth, the German military could use different tactics in war. The German army had more troops, for they could now use guerilla tactics. This means that they form a group of a bunch of boys that try to sneak up and attack a larger group of people. They could also use saboteurs. These boys would get behind the enemy army and throw a arsenic explosive. This gas was poisonous and would kill if inhaled. This gas was also invisible and did not give off any smell. Finally, the boys could also sneak by the enemy and be spies. The Hitler Youth program made an enormous impact on World War II.

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