Hitler 's Ideas Of World War I Essay

Hitler 's Ideas Of World War I Essay

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Adolf Hitler was persuaded by a man named Karl Haushofer who created the doctrine of Lebensraum stating that “a nation’s power depended on the amount and kind of land it occupied” (Spielvogel 833). Hitler wanted to find this land so the National Socialists could restart where they left off hundreds of years ago, but move from the west and south towards the east (Spielvogel 833). Though Hitler’s ideas of world power were defeated in World War I he still had German Military and the Foreign Office supporting his foreign policy and its goals until 1937.
First, Hitler wished for Germany to the have power to abandon any foreign policy goal while “deciding for anything and need be committed to nothing at all” (Spielvogel 834). Second, Germany will have the will to sustain her people through “peaceful economic means” and “she will participate most decisively in world industry, export and trade” (Spielvogel 834). Third, Germany is to have her national borders restored, as they are insufficient and unsatisfactory to her government and military (Spielvogel 834). Lastly, Germany focuses on her people’s lives through a “clear, far-seeing territorial policy” to which land in the East is accessible and the “naval power” recedes in to the background (Spielvogel 834). These policy goals had the desire to maintain national and folkish requirements, military executional power, and the “enmity of the World War” (Speilvogel 834). Also these policies do not necessarily “conflict with all European great powers” (Spielvogel 834).
Hitler had spoken in such ways that the policies were not realized to be greater that the goals of Germany in previous generations. The German Military and Foreign Office realized too late that Hitler’s policies wer...

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...ing as much power as they could get their hands on in an attempt to turn the war back in their favor. The Soviets had grown surprisingly since the Battle of Stalingrad and easily defeated Hitler’s “newly developed heavy tanks” at the Battle of Kursk (Spielvogel 847). The pressure of the Allied forces only grew stronger since the Russian campaign and the Battle of Stalingrad. These two events disintegrated Hitler’s ability to achieve the goal set for Germany in World War II.
Hitler attempted global control with a race that was not united. Had “the German race been united in time, it would now be master of the globe today” (Perry 392). British Ambassador, Horace Rumbold, believes now what Germany “needs peace until she has recovered such strength that no country can challenge her without serious and irksome preparations” though such a day may never come (Perry 392).

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