Essay on The Hit Television Show Criminal Minds

Essay on The Hit Television Show Criminal Minds

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The hit television show Criminal Minds (2005), created by Jeff Davis, appears to be a fictional crime drama to many. In my opinion, Jeff Davis understood the importance of history being able to predict and explain the future in the criminal justice system, and what type of people are needed to figure it out. I created a simple equation that explains my perception of this crime drama, and it is the perfect storm plus history equals the future. What exactly does that mean? The perfect storm in Criminal Minds are the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agents that investigates a vast diversity of crimes that requires profiling and capturing of Unknown Subjects (UnSubs). I also believe that Jeff Davis understood the importance of a cohesive, yet diverse, team to solve these crimes. Hence why I labelled them as the perfect storm. The second part of the equation refers to history. History represents the past offenders that have helped Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents continue to solve future crimes. While not every episode of Criminal Minds represents a factual event in time, I do believe this television show represents how Unknown Subjects are categorized and profiled, how using previous crimes are needed to help solve future crimes, and how cohesive teams are needed to accomplish solving a crime.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agents in Criminal Minds receives extensive training in protocol and profiling. In the first episode of season one, as the crime happened, Special Agent Gideon taught new agents what a profiler needs to pay attention to in order to profile and categorize Unknown Subjects. Special Agent Gideon told the new agents that a profilers uses the following: how the victim was killed (fire, weapon, poi...

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...ce because his job got in the way of her and their son. Another reason no changes should be made is because the show has been solely based upon factual events, agencies, and protocol. The producers already have to create crimes for every episode, some are based off of real crimes, and they have to make sure that everything looks real to what the Behavioral Analysis Unit actually does.
In conclusion, whether it is for television views, or in real life the Federal Bureau of Investigation needs a cohesive unit of individuals to solve crimes. Unknown Subjects would have forever gotten away if the pattern of how to categorize and profile them was not recognized. While the television crime drama does not accurately represent how the Behavioral Analysis Unit actually solves cases, it does provide insight on how they psychologically understand them in order to close a case.

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