History Of World War II On My Family History Essay

History Of World War II On My Family History Essay

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Heather Hogue
ANTH 209

WWII: Family History

This paper will explain the history of World War II and how it relates to my family history. I chose to interview my aunt about her father (my grandfather), Joseph Clayton Hogue a.k.a Skeeter Hogue. I chose my grandfather because based on most of my group, we fall under the topic of war.
It’s been said that World War II started in July 7, 1937, but is still debated. It made major leaps in technology and laid groundwork that created post-war social changes that led to ending European colonialism, the civil rights movement, modern women’s rights movement, and outer space programs. The countries involved were the Axis nations (Germany, Italy, Japan), Allied nations (Britain), the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the United States. The Allies turned out to be the victors.
Casualties in WWII
World War II was the most destructive war in all of history. The lives cost is unknown but 50 million service personnel and civilians died. Nations with the highest losses are listed below:
• USSR: 42,000,000
• Germany: 9,000,000
• China: 4,000,000
• Japan: 3,000,000
(See more at: http://www.historynet.com/world-war-ii#sthash.GgJ4dqX3.dpuf)

The U.S. in WWII
Apparently, the U.S. wasn’t involved until the end of 1941. It provided aid to Britain and the Soviet Union. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Congress declared war on Japan. Then, Germany who honored Japan, declared war on the U.S. Other countries such as Italy, Romania, and other European Axis alliances did the same. America suffered less than 20,000 losses.
“Two American commanders came to public attention during the North African campaign and would become two of the war’s most famous g...

... middle of paper ...

...ationed in Texas. Lastly, I thought it was interesting how 3 out of 4 of us in my group had relations to WWII. It’s quite interesting how something such as war would bring us together as a whole.
In conclusion, this paper has explained the history of World War II and how it relates to my family history. I discussed in the interview I had with my aunt about her father (my grandfather), Joseph Clayton Hogue a.k.a Skeeter Hogue. I chose my grandfather because based on my group, we fell under the topic of war.

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