The History of Women's Suffrage Essay

The History of Women's Suffrage Essay

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The women’s suffrage movement involved women white and black even men were involved in women’s suffrage so that women could have the same equal rights that men had and be able to be equal to men.
The women’s suffrage movement dates back to 1776 the year the United States was founded. Before 1776 women exercised their right to vote but after 1776 states starting rewriting their constitution so women couldn’t vote. The way the suffrage movement started was when Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her husband John Adams asking him to “remember the ladies” in the new code of laws. Her husband John Adams replied the men will fight the despotism of the petticoat and this is the first recorded event in the women’s suffrage movement in the United States.
After the letter Abigail Adams sent to her husband a year later women started to lose their right to vote in different states the first state that women lost the right to vote in was in New York in 1777. Then in just 3 years women lost the right to vote in Massachusetts in 1780. By the year 1807 every state had revoked women’s right to vote.
At the start of the 1830’s women started to form female anti- slavery associations. The first female anti-slavery society that was formed was in 1832 in Salem, Massachusetts it was formed by a group of colored women and like most society’s the addressed a variety of issues important to free blacks in addition to campaigning against slavery. Two years after the female anti-slavery society was formed they expanded their membership and started to allow white women into their society. Many of the members in this society were self-supporting women who were in the working class.
The temperance movement ties in to the suffrage movement because women would...

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