The History of Visual Graphics and the Way We Control Technology Essay

The History of Visual Graphics and the Way We Control Technology Essay

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The History of Visual Graphics and the Way We Control Technology
Technology has come a long way from computers that had no G.U.I, but used commands, and low resolution displays. From the first G.U.I, to the early signs of 3D shapes, the history of Visual Displays and the way we control technology is a very complex history.
Technology is controlled by a written form of directions we call “Software”. Software tells the target what to do, how to do it, and when to do it (Donald). There are Softwares made for specific tasks. Some Softwares are used for specifically business related situations. Softwares can also be used for more than just business, but can also be used for recreational activities, such as creating music, recording videos, even drawing. The first form of Software is said to be Plankalkul (Donald). It was created by a Russian man named Konrad Zuse (Donald). Softwares are constantly being updated to make them more compatible, more efficient and easier to use.
Softwares don’t just poof up out of nowhere. They must be created using syntax and complex programming (Donald). An early form of programming was Binary (Donald). Binary was a combination of two digits, 0 and 1. Binary was created by simplifying the English language down to something the computer could understand (Donald). Obviously, by simplifying, it was not actually simplifying it for the programmer. The alphabet in Binary was not easy to translate. Later on they created commands that the computer could follow (Donald). We still use this method of programming today. An example of one of the commands is for the command “prompt” which prompts the computer to ask the user a question, the command would be param1(Donald). The form we use today is simplified to be...

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...of technology has evolved from big metal boxes, command computers, and 2D displays, to the technology used today.

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