History Of The World And Its Various Cultures Essay

History Of The World And Its Various Cultures Essay

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Throughout the world, a substantial amount of people are interested in the history of the world and its various cultures. Museums house artifacts these people visit to study the past, previous cultures, and even “pre-history” events that occurred before written and pictorial evidence of human activity. These collections begin from various sources: donations, archaeologists, and in some cases, built over time by explorers taking items back to their homelands. However, despite the fact museums can be very educational for visitors, if desired, these items should either return to their homelands or, at the very least, more mutually beneficial arrangements worked out for the exchange and sharing of these relics in order to support both – or multiple – countries.

World history has always involved exploration and journeys to new places, most of these explorers either trading for items to return to their homes with or simply taking them as souvenirs of their journeys. Many cultures are fighting for these items as they feel these items should be home and not for display in foreign countries. Items may range from jewelry to pottery to entire remains of human skeletons taken, or perhaps sold, from tombs for study and/or display elsewhere. However, many of these items moved from place to place through smuggling and for profit and due to this reason, return ought to occur simply based on moral grounds.

According to archaeology and history law expert Tess Davis:
“There has been a shift in the way museums treat suspect antiquities, as we see in the behavior of the Metropolitan in New York […] I do believe that some--most, I hope--museums have changed because it 's the right thing to do. But even the less moral institutions must realize t...

... middle of paper ...

...very unlikely for there to be a solution whatsoever for that very reason. Since there can be no 'central ' museum for all to visit in one location, adjustments and agreements must be made to right these wrongs and make all parties content in the choices made, whether it be a country regaining what was lost, agreeing to 'share ' items, or a museum keeping them on loan from a country and paying them to host the items in place of sending them back.

It is most certainly important that we share history and ensure it be preserved, taught, and tangible to the world. However, is almost important to right wrongs and recognize the methods used to acquire and transport artifacts was, more often than not, wrong and illegal (and that more people are made aware of this fact) and these countries be permitted to find some solace and ways to piece their histories back together.

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