The History of the Terrorist Group Hamas Essay

The History of the Terrorist Group Hamas Essay

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Terrorism in the Middle East has brought the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the attention of the world. These terrorist groups use murder, bombs, threats, and other violent acts to get their way politically. Hamas, the organization that has replaced Fatah as the representative of the Palestinians, is a leading sponsor of terrorism. The Hamas are the leading reason there is not peace in the middle east as they strongly embrace terrorism.
This group was created in 1978 and continues to expand its power today. It began as a branch of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. This terrorist group has several goals ranging from creating a Islamic state to continuing the armed struggle against Israeli occupation of Palestine territories. Their acts of terrorism to date have included suicide bomb attacks against Israeli civilians to attacks on suspected Palestinian collaborators.
The Palestinians turned to terrorism because of the volatile surroundings palestine after first Intifada and because of how other governments had failed. Terrorism is so successful because people have the threat of bombings and attacks if they are not handled carefully and respectfully.
After the Six Day War Israel security forces were attempting to cultivate and expand islamism. In between the years 1967 and 1987 the number of mosques in Gaza went from 200 to 600. While islamism was expanding at this time so were the other smaller nationalist terrorist groups, such as the PLO, were also expanding in the streets, and in schools. Hamas was founded in 1978, during the expansion of islamism and terrorist nationalist groups, by Ahmed Yassin as a Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The real terrorist acts from this group started happening around the 1990’s ...

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...g abroad and from inside the territories. Iran contributes a estimated 3 million dollars a year.5
Hamas will not let the middle east sleep easy until all demands have been met. Hamas is the reason there is no peace in the middle east. They will use all means necessary to stay in power.. That includes and I not nearly limited to murder, torture, bombings, and suppression of rights which we use every day. Also training youth to fight, kill, and sacrifice their own life in name for a unholy cause and teaching them to blindly hate another group of people because of their religious beliefs. Since its creation in 1978 they have suppressed opposing forces and once elected into power they have become stronger every day. Not only do they make the idea of peace completely impossible but they stop people from living their daily lives for fear of death around every corner.

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